Meet Our Team


Marina Moss

Tanisha Clish

Marina Moss

Founder | Owner | President | CFO 

 Self-taught and intensely motivated, the essence of Marina’s continued success came from hard work and endless hours. She made a name for herself based on strong values, solid ethics & performance.

Marina has a powerful business sense and always displayed leadership, confidence & resilience.

Working on sites with staff and/or clients for over three decades, she has mastered and formulated concepts and techniques to set a distinguished service & high standard. Marina has shaped the company as a leading trail- blazer in its industry.

Although at present time you may spot Marina enjoying her relaxation and family time, she was the force behind all operations. She works closely assisting her son Jude when necessary. Often wearing “several hats” day and night, Marina took entrepreneurship to a whole new level. 


Jude Clish

Tanisha Clish

Marina Moss

  Owner | Vice-President | CEO

Raised by two entrepreneurial parents, Jude developed a powerful mindset at a young age. Jude has always demonstrated a passion and understanding of being independent and creating opportunities for others.

Growing up as the second youngest of a large family of six boys, Jude’s ability to adapt and learn quickly came as second nature. He has always been honest and firm with his opinions. Jude possesses great leadership, accountability and versatility.

His dedication, passion and honesty with staff and for the services provided has been a fundamental aspect of his career. Jude’s competency has allowed the company to evolve and continue growth & expansion. He has established and devised operational standards and implemented further opportunities & positions within the company.

Jude works jointly with his wife/business partner, as she assists and directs the senior management team as they aid with the company operations.

Jude has his focus set on continuous growth and engagement with the clients to ensure their personal service needs are met and ultimately exceeded.


Tanisha Clish

Tanisha Clish

Tanisha Clish

  COO | Human Resources

Tanisha’s skills derived from various experiences in the working field that involved various levels of management within labour force industries and customer service.

Tanisha is the proud wife/business partner of Jude Clish. Tanisha and her husband exemplify a powerful dynamic as the two hold a strategic partnership when it comes to operating a business. After a decade with the company, she shows no signs of stopping when it comes to her innovative and influential mandates and ideals.

With acquired knowledge from working directly with staff and clients, Tanisha shifted her focus on the needs of staff and clients which allowed for greater developments in the company. She has shaped the company into an inclusive organization; this has improved company morale, catering to the needs and abilities of everyone.

When Tanisha is not working with staff and/or focused on new company directives, you will see her actively involved within communities throughout HRM and other organizations and charities focused on mental health. Tanisha currently sits as co-chair with Ability Employers- a nonprofit organization that aims to create and support employment opportunities for persons of disabilities.


Jayne H.

Steve Doucette

Steve Doucette

Director of Administration & Safety

 Jayne’s background in various industries brings a set of well-rounded skills to the table. Spending much of her professional life in construction, safety is her true passion.  

In addition to the experience acquired at the workplace and in the field, Jayne holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (English), Business Technology & Computer Applications Diploma, formal Web & Graphic Design training, Construction Safety Supervisor certification, and numerous health & safety training courses. Jayne is also a certified WHMIS trainer through CSNS, and is currently working towards her CRSP designation.  

Jayne holds a variety of roles within the company, from senior administration to website development. She continues to assume increased responsibility for Cape Breton operations, as well as establishing, implementing, and managing a new health & safety management program for the company.  

Jayne works alongside the CEO and COO, helping to manage the many facets of the business.

As a person with a disability, she is an avid supporter of inclusive hiring practices and accommodating work environments.


Steve Doucette

Steve Doucette

Steve Doucette

Senior General Manager (NS/NB)

Steve’s background of management and industry trades has made his involvement with the company the force of company operations. He made his mark in the company in 2006 and quickly become one of the main faces.  

Steve has a demanding and powerful position as a Senior General Manager of Operations. He works closely with the CEO & COO, assisting and overseeing company operations, management, team and clients. General managers hold a demanding position, assisting other levels of management, services, and building maintenance professionals.  

His role requires a thorough understanding of internal and client operations, allowing for the bottom line to be held accountable by enforcing proper training, exemplifying inclusion, and mandating company policies and protocols.


Rob MacDonald

Rob MacDonald

Rob MacDonald

General Manager (NS/NB)

Rob has exemplified strong dedication and understanding of support for his fellow coworkers and needs of clients.  

Rob’s role allows the company to enhance the supports in place when necessary, along with maintaining positive and consistent relationships with staff and clients.  

His position as General Manager allows him to work in a partnership with other managers and supervisors while providing much-needed awareness, mentorship, and goal-driven tasks.


Andrew Hebb

Rob MacDonald

Rob MacDonald

General Manager, South Shore

Andrew joined the team in 2006. His beginning role as a building maintenance professional provided him  with consistency and allowed for growth.  

Quickly proving himself as a valuable team member and leader, Andrew’s previous experience and expertise in the industry has allowed him to master techniques.  

Andrew holds a respected and important position as one of the company’s general managers providing key support within the South Shore/ Annapolis Region.  

Andrew continues to evolve within company operations and provides meaningful leadership and support, whether working independently or as part of a team.