Company History


  The company first made roots in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, in the early 1970s. A motivated young couple trying to make ends meet began offering contracted janitorial services to local grocery retailers and small office buildings to provide for their family. Initially servicing one store, they relied solely on quality and a strong work ethic to expand the business.

By providing outstanding service, Marina Moss and her late husband, Roger Clish, quickly earned the respect of their clients and the community. The business prospered steadily due to the hard work and personal dedication of the two co-founders, all while raising a large family.

At a time when janitorial work consisted only of manual labour, the job was rigorous and demanding. Pre-dating the development of sophisticated equipment, they cleaned the floors using a mop and a homemade, oversized bucket. Entire stores were stripped and waxed in one night.

Marina continued to work hands-on with staff and clients, eventually taking full ownership of the business. In the early 1990s, Marina became the first maintenance provider in Canada to implement a propane burnisher, supporting the “innovative” component of the business. For more than three decades, she persevered by mastering concepts and techniques, establishing herself as a trailblazer in the industry.

As the business grew, so did the children, each trying their hand at some aspect of the operation. In 2011, Jude Clish became co-owner and vice-president of the company. He found his start in the company in 2001, providing nightly janitorial cleaning services to various locations. Often self-taught, Jude learned about the mechanics and equipment involved in modern floor care, allowing him to evolve and grow in tune with the changing demands of the industry. Through his efforts, he continued to fulfill the innovative aspect of the business and vastly expand operations.

Presently, Jude is very actively involved with the management and daily functions of his team, staff, and clients. IFC has become an integral part of his day-to-day life as he works to cultivate and expand upon his parents’ legacy while raising a family of his own.

In 2019, the legal name was changed to Innovative Facility Care Inc. to incorporate additional services for existing and future clients.

More than 40 years’ of growth and transition has brought the business full-circle, making Innovative Facility Care a frontrunner in the floor and building maintenance industry.