We want every employee to get home safely.

We’re in the process of building a brand new safety program!
It takes time, effort, and input to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace.
Employees are encouraged to take part in the company’s safety culture by relaying information, completing incident reports, advising us of near-misses, and maintaining a safe workspace for themselves and others.


Workplace incidents must be reported immediately.

An incident report must be completed within 24 hours of occurrence.

To report an incident after hours, call 1-888-538-9990, press 2, press 6.

To complete an incident report, there are two options:

1. ONLINE – Click here to submit an incident report online.

2. Call us to complete an incident report over the phone.


We are in the process of establishing a new safety committee (JOHSC). 

A designated safety committee member will be assigned to each region. Employees are expected to relay all workplace safety concerns to their designated safety rep.

The purpose of the JOHSC is to relay workplace safety concerns, discuss safety matters, and find solutions.

Meetings will be scheduled every two months. Meeting minutes will be distributed to staff and posted on our website.


Coming soon!

Our safety library will feature components of our safety program, equipment manuals, company documents, and safety tips.

We will continue to add to the library as documents become available, so please check back often and feel free to make suggestions!